LA Loves Film

Production will return. LA will be ready. LA Loves Film.

We are Angelenos working together to sustain filming’s future in our neighborhoods.

Join us in our effort to bring film jobs back to Los Angeles!

Ways to get involved

Do you earn your living in film production, or aspire to a career in L.A.'s film industry?
Do you occasionally host production at your home or place of business?
Do you live or work in a community where filming happens?

There’s a place for you in our movement to keep Los Angeles film friendly.

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Spread the Word

Here are some fun facts showcasing the value of filming to Greater Los Angeles. Show your support by sharing these images on social media and using the #FilmLA and #LALOVESFILM hashtags in your outreach.
  • Big Budget Films in Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles Film Schools
  • Hollywood Visitors
  • Warner Brothers Studio Expansion
  • Egyptian Theater in Hollywood
  • Movie Awards
  • Wages Increase
  • Walk of Fame in California
  • Walk of Fame in California
  • Walk of Fame in California
  • Walk of Fame in California
  • No Use Fee at City Hall
  • Top Location for Scripted TV
  • Home to 47% of Film and TV Workers
  • $250,000 in local economy
  • The film and TV industry is directly responsible for more than $26.2 billion in wages paid in California.

Supporting Organizations

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