Service Pricing Adjustments for FilmLA and Local Jurisdictions, Effective July 1

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LA Harbor Fleet Week Production Alert

Last update: July 2, 2024 5:55 pm

FilmLA, along with some of the jurisdictions we serve, will adjust service pricing on July 1, 2024.  This Production Alert outlines the fees that will be changing. We will update the Alert as we receive additional instructions from our clients and will note any effective dates other than July 1st.   


FilmLA receives no direct financial support from state or local government for the services we provide. Like other industry vendors, FilmLA is directly affected by periods of work disruption, as well as the observed, multi-year pattern of production decline in Greater Los Angeles.

The FilmLA Board of Directors, comprised of industry representatives including studio, independent and commercial production executives, industry labor representatives, and community representatives, evaluates the need for service rate adjustments each fiscal year.

The rising cost of employee wages and benefits, which today comprises nearly 80 percent of FilmLA’s annual operating budget, is projected to increase significantly over the next fiscal year, along with other increasing costs for our business. We further project that FilmLA’s planned service price increase of ~ 4.0 percent will help us recoup only around one-half of these additional costs.

“We recognize that news of a fee increase is never welcome, and we appreciate our customers’ understanding,” said FilmLA President Paul Audley. “We would not increase fees without first finding ways to significantly reduce our operating costs, including down-sizing our office space and right-sizing our workforce, as we have already done. Ultimately, these adjustments are necessary to sustain the people and programs that keep Los Angeles accessible to filmmakers, including rapid-turnaround permit processing, free production planning assistance, and comprehensive community relations including Neighborhood Notification and On-Location Monitoring.”

For assistance understanding FilmLA’s revised fee schedule and how it applies in your circumstances, FilmLA’s Solution Services team is ready to assist you at 213.977.8600 and


Permit Application Fee
Up to 5 Locations,
7 Consecutive Days
$895 $931 Permit
Drone Administration Fee$75 $78 Involved Location
Helicopter Administration Fee$75 $78 Involved Location
Gunfire Administration Fee$75 $78 Involved Location
Special FX - Explosion & Smoke
Administration Fee
$75 $78 Involved Location
Lane Closure Administration Fee$75 $78 Involved Location
Permit Rider Fee
During Business Hours
$143 $148.75 Rider
Permit Rider Fee
After Business Hours
$200 $208 Rider
Non-Profit (PSA) Permit App Fee$71 $73 Permit
Non-Profit (PSA) Permit Rider Fee$35 $36 Rider
Still Photo Application Fee*
Cast/Crew of 16+ requires
Motion Rate
$100 $104 Permit
Still Photo Rider Fee$30 $31 Rider
Student Permit Fee (simple)$50 $52 Permit
Student Permit Fee (complex)$129 $134 Permit
Notification Fee
Base Radius
$223 $232 Radius
FilmLA Monitor Fee**
Minimum Applies.
Subject to OT and DT.
$43 $44.50 Hour
* Still photo productions with a cast / crew size of 16 or more people will incur the Motion application fee. Any B-roll or motion filming in conjunction with a still photo shoot will also incur the Motion rate. Additionally, for crews of this size or larger, an $271.00 LAFD Spot Check Surcharge will also be assessed.

** The FilmLA monitor service is charged in hourly increments based on time at location. For example, if monitor service is required from 6am-10pm, the breakdown of service hours would be 8 Regular hours, 4 overtime hours, and 4 double time hours to cover the service, whether completed by one or multiple monitors.


FilmLA expects that several city and/or county authorities will implement their own rate adjustments, effective July 1. These rates are set independently by the jurisdictions we serve.   

LA County Roads

Road Inspection$436$454Day
Road Application$199$207Permit
Encroachment Permit$360$375Permit

LA County Flood Control

Permit Issuance$161$168
Film Permit$1,101$1,146

City of Los Angeles Fire Department

An increase in fees is expected from City of Los Angeles Fire Department. The new rates and effective dates will be posted here once received by FilmLA.

City of Newport Beach


Permit Review Fee -
Cast/Crew 5 or Fewer
Permit Review Fee -
Cast/Crew 6 or More

City of Diamond Bar

NEW RATE 7/1/2024PER
Student Film Permit $129.94Application
Film Permit$565.26Application
+ $649.72 per day for right-of-way rental

City of La Habra Heights

An increase in fees is expected from the city of La Habra Heights. The new rates and effective dates will be posted here once received by FilmLA.

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