Los Angeles City Fire Department Adjusts Personnel Assignment Policies 

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Production Alert FilmLA

The Los Angeles City Fire Department has asked FilmLA’s help announcing an official change in department policy.  The change affects permit seekers looking to make Fire Department personnel adjustments in the 24 hours prior to the start of scheduled filming.  Most permits approved by the Los Angeles City Fire Department can take advantage of the department’s Spot Check program.  Shoots … Read More

Film Permits vs. Event Permits: Clearing Up the Confusion

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Film or Event Permit for a concert

FilmLA previously published guidance for filmmakers on when film permits are required in Greater Los Angeles. Even though FilmLA does not process special event permit applications, a question is sometimes asked by event planners, community organizers, and concert promoters. The question is, “Do I need a special event permit?” You might! Determining what kind of permit(s) you need requires a … Read More

Do I Need a FilmLA Permit?  Some Guidance from FilmLA

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Do I need a film permit?

So, you want to do some filming (or take some pictures) in/around Los Angeles and want to know if you need a permit. It’s a good question, and if you’re inclined to ask, the answer is definitely “maybe.” FilmLA serves 23 different jurisdictions, whose rules for when permits are required vary.  Generally speaking, government authorities look at two things when … Read More

Benefits of Obtaining a Film Permit

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Benefits of Obtaining a Film Permit

Though it has its share of global competitors, Greater Los Angeles remains one of the most convenient destinations for filmmaking, due in no small part to the film industry’s long and celebrated presence here. On any given day, upwards of 120 simultaneous productions are underway in Greater Los Angeles. Even with this volume, a recent FilmLA survey found that, by … Read More

FilmLA to Streamline School Film License Application Process in MyFilmLA 

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Production Alert: MyFilmLA Update for Schools

Beginning Monday, 11/13/23, FilmLA will integrate its school license application process into MyFilmLA. All requests to use school district properties for filming and production parking will now be processed entirely within the MyFilmLA customer portal. Previously, applications to use schools for filming were handled outside of MyFilmLA in a process involving multiple back and forth emails, phone calls, and fillable … Read More