FilmLA to Update its Insurance Guidelines, May 15th

FilmLAProduction Alerts

FilmLA has updated our insurance requirements affecting wording on Certificates of Insurance (COI) for production activity. These updates are in accordance with current insurance industry standards. Requirements, which go into effect on May 15th, 2019, are outlined in below:

FilmLA will no longer accept a “Blanket Endorsement” or “blanket” wording as acceptable.

It is now necessary to name “FilmLA and its Directors, Officers, Agents and Employees,” on the endorsement page (CG 20 10 or similar).

The COI must include a Waiver of Subrogation clause in favor of the certificate holder listed in the description of operations section of the certificate. Primary and Non-Contributory verbiage must also be included in the description of operations section of the COI.

All existing, non-expired insurance documentation currently on file with our office will be valid until the certificate’s expiration.

If you have any questions about insurance guidelines, please contact an Insurance Representative by calling (213) 977-8600.