Streamlining School Site Access: A Talk with the MyFilmLA Project Team

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Streamlining Schools Site Access in MyFilmLA

Late last year, FilmLA introduced a major update to its MyFilmLA customer portal. For the first time, filmmakers gained the ability to apply for school filming licenses online. The old way of doing things, requiring work in separate systems to obtain a license and valid permit, created numerous challenges. Now that the two processes are integrated, and all permissions coordinated … Read More

FilmLA to Streamline School Film License Application Process in MyFilmLA 

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Production Alert: MyFilmLA Update for Schools

Beginning Monday, 11/13/23, FilmLA will integrate its school license application process into MyFilmLA. All requests to use school district properties for filming and production parking will now be processed entirely within the MyFilmLA customer portal. Previously, applications to use schools for filming were handled outside of MyFilmLA in a process involving multiple back and forth emails, phone calls, and fillable … Read More

New Location Mapping Feature Debuts in MyFilmLA

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MyFilmLA upgrade feature locations film permits los angeles

In late October, FilmLA introduced a small but powerful upgrade to its next-generation permit coordination system, MyFilmLA. The sought-after update provides all permit applicants with a new production planning tool: the ability to check desired locations for conflict with other filming events, after submitting a permit application for review. In a revised workflow, permit applicants can now use GIS mapping … Read More

UPDATE:  MyFilmLA System Update Schedule Extended 

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Production Alert FilmLA

Updated: March 9th @5:20pm For the weekend of March 12th to March 13th, MyFilmLA will be unavailable beginning at noon on Saturday 3/12 through approximately 6 p.m. on Sunday, 3/13.  Permit applicants who anticipate filming from March 12th through March 14th should take delivery of finalized permits on Friday March 11th, if possible.  A recent FilmLA Production Alert announced a … Read More

FilmLA to Achieve Innovation Milestone with August 9 Launch of MyFilmLA

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MyFilmLA Permit System

FilmLA is committed to streamlining and enhancing the on-location filming process. To advance this mission, we continue to invest in new technology to improve the permit application experience. We are excited to announce that on August 9, FilmLA will commence full-time use of MyFilmLA – our next-generation online permit system – for complete film permit management. From that day on, … Read More