FilmLA to Achieve Innovation Milestone with August 9 Launch of MyFilmLA

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MyFilmLA Permit System

FilmLA is committed to streamlining and enhancing the on-location filming process. To advance this mission, we continue to invest in new technology to improve the permit application experience.

We are excited to announce that on August 9, FilmLA will commence full-time use of MyFilmLA – our next-generation online permit system – for complete film permit management. From that day on, every step of the process from new application intake, to government approval and release, will be handled in MyFilmLA. 

Offering a ground-up redesign of the permit application experience, MyFilmLA provides account holders with multiple new features and tools. Improved access to location intelligence, in-system document management and a streamlined invoicing and payment process are just a few of the system’s new benefits.

Additional enhancements, such as the ability to apply for school filming licenses using MyFilmLA, are in development and on track for release in the months ahead.

As our customers make the switch to MyFilmLA, we expect to fully phase out our legacy OPS system by the beginning of September. Our Innovation page contains a timeline of upcoming dates to remember.

MyFilmLA is the product of months of development and significant input from film industry customers and government permit approvers. A select group of FilmLA customers, including permit service representatives and location professionals, have also enjoyed access to MyFilmLA since March. We are grateful to all of these advisors, whose feedback helped the development team to design, improve and fine-tune the system.

Today, MyFilmLA is ready and available for use by all. For answers to frequently asked questions about the coming switch, visit our FilmLA Innovation page. To register and start using your MyFilmLA account today, visit

Thank you for filming in Los Angeles.