Filming in Commercial Districts During the Holiday Season – City of Los Angeles

FilmLAProduction Alerts

Each year, in an effort to reduce the impacts of construction, events and filming on businesses that rely on holiday sales, the City of Los Angeles implements temporary restrictions on production activity in commercial districts.

For 2020, mindful also of the challenges facing these businesses as a result of COVID-19, filming activity involving lane closures, street closures and street parking will be limited in all commercial/retail areas of the city during the following windows of time:

  • November 25 – 29
  • December 4 – 6
  • December 11 – 13
  • December 18 – 27

Individual filming requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and must meet a standard of minimal impact that satisfies the Los Angeles Board of Public Works, the Department of Transportation, the local City Council office and the Los Angeles Police Department.

We urge you to contact our Solution Services team ( or 213-977-8600) prior to applying for your film permit.