FilmL.A. Staffers Bone Up on Dog Safety

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Have you ever been on a walk and met a snarling German Shepherd? How about a protective Pit Bull, or a disagreeable Dogo?

This past October, FilmL.A. staffers spent their morning learning about and being bitten by all three.

The attacks were part of a company-sponsored training session led by Bulli Ray Enterprises, a one-of-a-kind company that offers occupational dog bite safety training. By participating, 25 members of FilmL.A.’s Monitoring and Notification teams joined police officers, postal workers and meter readers across the nation who’ve learned how to avoid and escape from encounters with aggressive dogs.

Topics covered in the three-hour session included how to read dogs’ body language, how to approach properties in ways that are non-threatening and the best way to respond in the event one is attacked.

“Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there around how to respond to aggressive dogs,” observed Carmen McRae, FilmL.A.’s Director of Human Resources. “Working in the field comes with many occupational hazards, but this training helps us keep our employees safe as they fulfill our obligations to communities.”

But perhaps no part of the morning brought the lessons home better than the chance to don protective gear and get nipped by Bulli Ray’s intimidating canine helpers!

FilmL.A. Field Services Dispatcher Jason Del Paine, a participant and internal safety committee member agreed.

“For the company to sponsor this kind of training is great,” said Del Paine. “I’ve actually been bitten before while distributing Notices of Filming, so hopefully this will prevent others from having to drive to the clinic — or worse.”

FilmL.A. employees log tens of thousands of hours per year in the field, distributing Notices of Filming to area neighborhoods and monitoring film activity out on-location.

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