FilmLA to Adjust Service Pricing in May

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Please be advised that FilmLA will implement a revised fee schedule for new permit applications received on or after May 6, 2021.  

The decision to increase fees was made in consultation with our government clients and the FilmLA board of directors, which is comprised of film industry and community representatives. It follows a thorough analysis of current program and personnel expenses, and the impact of COVID-19 on our financial reserves and revenue from permit operations.   

Over an eight year period, the fee increase is projected to restore FilmLA to a financial position similar to its status at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.       

As always, FilmLA strives to keep fees reasonable and necessary to meet the service expectations of our film industry and municipal clients. We last adjusted our fees in July of 2019.  Following this year’s adjustment, FilmLA permits will still be priced competitively, compared to regional alternatives, while ensuring no reductions in service quality for all.   

Permit Application Fee
Up to 10 Locations
Permit Rider Fee
Modified Permit Application Fee$55.00$63.00Adjustment
Modified Permit Rider Fee$27.00$31.00Adjustment
FilmLA Monitor Fee
Minimum Applies
Still Photo Application Fee$66.00$75.00Permit
Still Photo Rider Fee$22.00$25.00Rider
Student Permit Fee
Complex Permissions
Student Permit Fee
Simple Permissions
Notification Fee
Base Radius

For production planning assistance of any kind, including help estimating the cost of permits for your production, we invite you to contact FilmLA’s Solution Services team at 213-977-8600, or by email at