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Screenshots of FilmL.A.'s New LocoScout System.There are well over a quarter of a billion websites in existence.  Let’s face it — the internet is filled with lots of what you need and more of what you don’t.  There are plenty of sites that help you waste time and avoid work but fewer that make your job easier.  Despite the internet’s enormity, we believe our customers could still use a free resource built specifically to help them get things done.

On December 1, FilmL.A. will launch LocoScout, a location library for public properties and parking resources available for filming.  Designed with the notion in mind that “less is more”, LocoScout offers Location Managers and Location Scouts uncluttered simplicity and navigability.

LocoScout will debut with high-quality, large-format photos of properties from each of the five school districts served by FilmL.A.  Schools can be selected based upon architectural style or desired features, such as auditoriums, athletic fields, classrooms or libraries.
Even better, school locations can now be filtered based on how near they are to other locations.  By entering a known anchor address, LocoScout users can search nearby for school parking lots for base camp use and more.

There are currently nearly 60 schools listed, and FilmL.A. is working hard to expand the library to include all our governmental clients’ properties and facilities available for filming.

LocoScout will be free for our customers and free for our clients, and it’s just one of the ways we’re helping improve the environment for film, television and commercial production in the Los Angeles region.

2 Comments on “Location Scouting Tool Saves Valuable Time”

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