New Film Permitting System Launched

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On March 1, FilmL.A. proceeded with the internal launch of OPS, a custom-built film permitting system. More than two years in development, OPS was engineered to replace an aging, no-longer-supported database inherited in 1995 from the City of Los Angeles. FilmL.A.’s considerable investment in OPS reflects our commitment to streamlining the film permitting process for the jurisdictions and production-industry customers we serve.

OPS is currently accessible only to FilmL.A. employees and municipal permit approvers. In the near future, we will make elements of the OPS system “outward-facing” to allow it to be accessed by our customers. Some of the features that will then be available include online viewing and approval of draft permits and real-time permit status updates. For the latest information on OPS and other exciting developments at FilmL.A., be sure to join our mailing list and sign up to receive our Production Alerts.

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