Service Pricing to Increase for FilmLA, Other Jurisdictions on July 1

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Updated 7/7/23

Along with some of the jurisdictions we serve, FilmLA is adjusting its service pricing on July 1, 2023. The first part of this Production Alert will explain the coming changes from FilmLA. More information about revised City and County rates follows. 

On July 1, FilmLA will implement changes to its service pricing and fee structure. FilmLA‘s increase in service pricing is based on the 12-month increase in the Consumer Price Index (at ~3.65 percent), and an analysis of regional pricing for film permits and related services.

Jurisdictions served by FilmLA have asked us to minimize fee increases on filmmakers with basic permitting needs. Our investments in new technology allow us to understand how staff time is used serving customers with basic and complex filming requests.  

Rather than raise prices for all customers across the board, we are raising them in proportion, so that customers with complex permitting needs will pay slightly more for permits than other filmmakers.

The one-size-fits-all pricing we’ve used since 1995 – which was a great deal for some customers, not so great for others, and ultimately unsustainable for FilmLA — is being replaced by a new system based on the principle of cost recovery.  

FilmLA Permit Application Fee

Beginning July 1, FilmLA will increase its Permit Application Fee from $863 to $895.  The fee for after-hours rider coordination will increase from $137 to $200, and other fees will change as described in the table below.

FilmLA will also adjust the number of locations and total Shoot Days available to any customer on a single permit application.

Moving forward, filmmakers can bundle locations for filming, subject to a five (5) location limit per application. Base camp and crew parking locations appear on the permit but do not count toward the five-location limit.

Each Location Authorization on a permit can be valid for up to seven (7) consecutive calendar days. This limit applies to only Shoot Days; it does not apply to any necessary days of prep or strike. 

A review of past permits reveals that for most FilmLA customers, the new bundling option fully meets their per-project needs. The majority of permits we release (93%) include five (5) or fewer locations and 82 percent of all permits last less than seven (7) days.     

FilmLA Administration Fees

Beginning July 1, FilmLA will also begin assessing Administration Fees to recover costs associated with approval of complex and/or exceptional filming requests, including: drone use, helicopter use, lane and street closures, special effects use, and gunfire.    

Being a not-for-profit, we want our commitment to cost recovery to be visible in the way we charge for our services. Administration fees apply and will be charged to customers on an as needed, per-location basis.

NEW RATE 7/1/2023PER
Permit Application Fee
Up to 5 Locations, 7 Consecutive Days
$895 Permit
Drone Administration Fee$75 Involved Location
Helicopter Administration Fee$75 Involved Location
Gunfire Administration Fee$75 Involved Location
Special FX – Explosion & Smoke Administration Fee$75 Involved Location
Lane Closure Administration Fee$75 Involved Location
Permit Rider Fee
During Business Hours
$143 Rider
Permit Rider Fee
After Business Hours
$200 Rider
Non-Profit Permit App Fee$71 Permit
Non-Profit Permit Rider Fee$35 Rider
Still Photo Application Fee
Cast/Crew of 16+ requires Motion Rate
$100 Permit
Still Photo Rider Fee$30 Rider
Student Permit Fee (simple)$50 Permit
Student Permit Fee (complex)$129 Rider
Notification Fee
Base Radius
$223 Radius
FilmLA Monitor Fee
Minimum Applies
$43 Hour

We recognize that fee increases are never welcome news, and appreciate your understanding. As a not-for-profit organization, we base our service pricing on our long-term business outlook, our contractual requirements, and the principle of cost recovery.    

These adjustments also reflect our commitment to our staff, including our need to offer employees fair wages in an era of rising consumer prices, while supporting their well-being with health insurance and other basic benefits.  

For assistance understanding FilmLA’s revised fee schedule and how it applies in your circumstances, our Solution Services team is ready to assist you at 213.977.8600 and

Client Fee Adjustments – Updated 7/7/23

County of Los Angeles

Some Los Angeles County departments are implementing a CPI-linked increase in filming fees on July 1, 2023.  A breakdown of the old and new rates is as follows:

Los Angeles County Roads

Road Inspection$420 $436 day
Road Application$191 $199 permit
Encroachment Permit$347 $360 permit

Los Angeles County Flood Control

Permit Issuance$155 $161
Film Permit$1,061 $1,101

Los Angeles County Fire

Still Photography$277 $277 (no increase)
Fuel Truck Fee$208$248.20
County Fire Review Fee$282$343.30
Special Effects Permit Fee$288$350

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