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“One of the things that’s getting very lost in the business of movies, where people go… very often to Canada to shoot films… is that we lose the ability to capture parts of our own culture.” — Director James Mangold (Director’s Commentary, Walk the Line)

As it turns out, many of the Film Works supporters who’ve signed onto the campaign share the beliefs of Mr. Mangold.  Each day, new supporters reach out to us through our website, our Facebook page and on Twitter.  In this post, we’d like to share some of the testimonies we’ve received from supporters about why filming in Los Angeles matters to them.  If you’d like to send us your own unique thoughts, please sign up as a supporter on the Take Action page of our website.

Here are two supporters who echo Mangold’s artistic concerns for keeping film from running away:

“[Filming is] the lifeblood of Los Angeles, not only economically but also creatively. Film is an art form of the highest degree and helps other creative endeavors come to fruition through translation onto the screen!” — P.I.

“Los Angeles is a vibrant, artistic, and collaborative town. It’s home to Hollywood, and we need to preserve our national treasure of cinema.” — Danny

Several Hollywood veterans have been quoted as saying that local crew’s quality and industry commitment make all the difference for California.  Just look at what two of these luminaries had to say about filming in California:

I do like to have a good environment on the set and especially work with people that look at it [their work on films] as a career, not as a job.  A director is only as good as his or her crew.  And the studio wanted to ship me off to Australia and then to Canada.  I went to check out Canada and thought that Australia was too far away, and went up to Canada and I was like oh my god, I was trying to make it work, trying to make it work, looking around, scouting….I realized this would be a waste of money…there is no way the crew could do the serious kind of stunt work that we really do on our sets, because they just don’t have a lot of great stunt work up there and you have to ship in too many people and it just would be a lost cause.  So, the studio gave me some grief for not going up there, so I ended up giving 30% of my fee so I could shoot with my crew in America and that’s because I am loyal to my crew and they’re just, I think, the best. — Director Micheal Bay on keeping Transformers in L.A. (Director’s Commentary, Transformers)

My recollection is that no crew was as good as a Hollywood crew, no matter where they were.  There’s no argument that it’s much easier to shoot a movie here. — Actor Kirk Douglas (The Hollywood Reporter, October 30, 2008)

And now, two observations shared directly by Film Works supporters:

“The product is better because the craftspeople are more skilled.  Outside of the project, keeping production local benefits our community on every level from monetary to sociology.  Live here.  Work here.” — Dave

“Los Angeles is the center of the U.S. motion picture industry.  The infrastructure is here, the most experienced and qualified crews are here and the support industries are here.  Los Angeles needs the industry as much as the industry needs Los Angeles.” — Lisa

But in the end, Film Works supporters join the campaign for many reasons.  Here is a random sampling of what some of those reasons are:

“I make my living in the television industry.  And because local filming creates jobs, jobs create taxes and taxes keep schools open, roads paved, and society working.” — Veronique

“We started our air conditioning & heating business in Los Angeles to provide the entertainment industry with premier service and equipment along with an eco-minded impact on our environment.” — Rick

“LA is where our business, our homes & families and all of the infrastructure are.  All of these things need work in LA to survive.” — Sinclair

“I live in Los Angeles and would like to sleep in my own bed and be with my family more often.” — Larry

“I am a Location Manager in Los Angeles and enjoy living and working in Los Angeles where my family is.  It is great to film in other cities when the script calls for it but from a Location Scout’s point if view, you can find everything you need to film your project right here in LA.” — Jordan

“I am a Native Los Angelesian, born here, raised in Malibu.  I am currently an unemployed actor and I have seen throughout the last 20 years, our jobs disappear across all sectors in the entertainment industry.” — Nicole

“The film business is my future.  It is something I am going to be part of for the rest of my life. ” — Mark

Film Works thanks its supporters for their honesty and commitment to making film work in Los Angeles.  Now, we just need to hear from more of you!  Let us know why filming in California is important to YOU.  Here are just a few ways you can express support:

  • Make and submit an “I am Hollywood” video testimonial.  All you need is a YouTube account and a smartphone.
  • Become a fan of Film Works on Facebook, “like” the Film Works web site, and encourage others to do the same.
  • Download and print the Film Works fact sheet and share it with your family and friends to help educate them about the importance of the film and television industry to the region.
  • Film Works also encourages you to watch the following video and then email it to as many people you know, especially if they live in California!  Let’s get a conversation going about the benefits this industry brings, and start saying “thanks” to the local communities doing all they can to be film friendly.


2 Comments on “I Support Filming in Los Angeles Because….”

  1. im 25 years old and i want to start my career in the film industry but when i see things like this like there is no more jobs there is not hope i feel like my dreams are breaking down and i dont want to feel like that so i support film in los angeles because we need hope and we need inspiration to make our dreams come true

  2. Would like to know about what is going on because I am from Tibet/Nepal now in Los Angeles. I am in this field last 10 years. And doing some course over here and would be good filmmaker and documentary filmmaker. So, this is my compassion and it makes me happiness. I am student and would do some think over her for more learn. So, I am very happy when i read any pamphlet, site or any kinds of advertisements about Film and Entertainment. So, please let me know more about your workshop or activities or any possibilities. Thank you very much and I love Film.
    Himgyap Lama (Tashi)

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