Pedaling Good Will – Industry and Bike Advocates Working Together

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Recently, Los Angeles City Hall devised a plan to create a network of safe bicycle lanes throughout the city. Last autumn, using federal funding, the City created a new bike lane downtown on Spring Street. The federally-supported lane was painted a government-mandated shade of iridescent green in order to distinguish the lane from those used by cars. The filming community, … Read More

Sony Pictures’ Screen Gems Firmly “Planted” in Local Communities

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Sony Pictures has long been a supporter of sustainable practices. The studio emphasizes sustainability in the making of movies every step of the way — from sourcing renewable building materials to using bio-degradable products at craft services. The Studio’s specialty film label, Screen Gems, is firmly planted locally and contributes to the local planting of trees as well. Sony Pictures’ Screen … Read More

AFI Has Class at FilmL.A.

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On October 1, approximately 30 students from the American Film Institute attended an educational briefing at FilmL.A.  With a goal of helping to prepare them to be better filmmakers, the first-year students were given a tour of our office and an overview of local filming guidelines and processes.   Participants went over the step-by-step process to obtain a film permit … Read More

No Campaign, No Gain

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Launching a public education campaign to garner community and legislative support for the filmed entertainment industry has long been a goal of industry champions.  FilmL.A. Board Chair Pamm Fair, who also serves as Deputy National Executive Director for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) has made getting such a campaign off the ground a top priority during her tenure.    This … Read More