LADOT Introduces New Posted Parking Change Request Deadline

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The temporary reservation of curbside parking for film production purposes is efficient and straightforward in Los Angeles. Reviewing and approving street parking requests and issuing public notice in the form of temporary “No Parking” signs, is essential for on-location filming.     

Requests for posted parking are easily placed through MyFilmLA and processed alongside the rest of each application. Recently, the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) asked FilmLA’s help ​in expediting change orders for posted parking.  This is necessary, not only because LADOT is operating with reduced staff, but also because late afternoon change requests create substantial re-work for the department. 

At LADOT’s request, FilmLA will implement a daily 10 a.m. deadline for revised posting requests, beginning December 1.  Deadlines to file initial posting requests will not change.

Moving forward, requests to change an existing posting order must be received no fewer than three ​business days prior to the first effective date of posting at each location.

This adjustment will reduce the number of change requests received too late for review by LADOT and also reduce how often LADOT sign hanging crews are recalled for “add on” jobs in the early morning.

The FilmLA Solution Services team is available to assist you with production planning questions, including street parking availability near the locations you are considering. 

As a reminder, film permit applications (and initial requests for street parking use) must be filed in MyFilmLA as follows:

  • To film on SATURDAY, SUNDAY or MONDAY, submit application by Wednesday of week prior
  • To film on TUESDAY, submit by Thursday of week prior
  • To film on WEDNESDAY, submit by Friday of week prior
  • To film on THURSDAY, submit application by Monday of same week
  • To film on FRIDAY, submit application by Tuesday of same week

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